Career Consultation

Career Consultation

I-HoP provides career consultation in English for Doctor Course and Postdoc researchers from abroad.

We can discuss about any aspect of your business career search. For example:

・ Exploring careers
・ Writing or revising your resume
・ Interviewing techniques or practice interviews
・ Exploring internship possibilities
・ Finding a job and negotiating offers

*On the Academic career, your research superviser is your primary source of information. We can provide general information on the Academic career.

Each I-HoP career consultation takes an hour for the first meeting. To make the meeting productive and efficient, the following career action steps may be a useful tool to synchronize your thought process with us. However, you do not have to prepare all the information to come to the consultation.

Step 1. Self-Assessment: 
Evaluate values, personality, skills and knowledge, motivators and interests

Step 2. Summary of Self-Assessment:
Evaluate current situation and identify possible alternatives

Step 3. Gather Information:
Research career options and talk to professionals in the field (I-HoP Career Consultation will help you find the information)

Step 4. Make Decisions:
Based on Steps 1-3, decide on a desired action

Step 5. Set Goals:
Formulate goals for achieving your career vision

Step 6. Develop a Plan of Action:
Decide on your focus. Preparing for Plan-B is not a bad idea

Step 7. Implement Plan:

For appointment : contact I-HoP

* I-HoP also offers appointments via Skype for those students that are unable to visit Sapporo Campus in person.