Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development(FOHRED)

Outline of the FOHRED

The FOHRED was established in April 2009 as a body for implementing a comprehensive framework of human resource development at Hokkaido University. This framework was established for the purpose of integrating various independent programs that include the Project for Promoting Career Diversification (established and given a grant by MEXT; the grant is provided for 2006 through 2009), the Model Program for Supporting Female Researchers (supported by the Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology), and the Hokkaido University Cooperative Pioneer Development System (HuCOP: supported by the Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology from 2009 through 2013). In fiscal 2010, the Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED) and the FOHRED cooperated in starting the Comprehensive Youth Development Project (funded from a special expenditure reserve provided by MEXT for 2010 through 2015).

The FOHRED consists of the Superior Skills Station (consisting of S-cubic, I-HoP and L-Station) and Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity at Hokkaido University (Ree-D).

At the Superior Skills Station, efforts have been continued in the following areas: the planning of human resource development programs for young doctoral and postdoctoral researchers; the collection and analysis of data regarding the career paths and views of students, researchers and educators; the development of a network of business contacts; interaction with human resource development programs of various departments; and the collection and analysis of information on human resource development efforts on campus.

Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity supports researchers (especially women) in their career development and work-life management during life events.
In order to accelerate innovation, we need a diversity research environment in which all researchers with diverse backgrounds can maximize their talents.