e-learning : Learn Japanese online!

Japanese-language skills are necessary if you want to work in Japan.
Hi-System users can use e-learning (ALC NetAcademy2) to study Japanese for free!

■ e-learning (ALC NetAcademy2)
One of the top e-learning systems ALC NetAcademy2, developed by ALC Education Inc.

■ Japanese course
Japanese course is intended to allow you to study Japanese from many different directions, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Characters. You will also be able to improve your overall ability through the use of Mini-Tests.
・Study Japanese Characters (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)
・Prepare for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
・Chinese and English are available to assist you navigate through courses
・You can change size of letters
・You can travel all over Japan as you study and learn fun trivia along the way
・You will learn total of 5300 vocabularies

■ Registration
We accept registration through Hi-System.
In order to register for e-learning, you must be enrolled in the Hi-System.
Please register in the Hi-System and check your email for a notice regarding e-learning registration.
*E-learning is for international students/researchers (whose native language is NOT Japanese)

■ Study Guide
JAPANESE COURSE Study Guide in English / Chinese / Japanese.
This guide will help you understand how to operate e-learning (ALC NetAcademy2) and how to study Japanese Course effectively.

■ Inquiries about e-learning system
Please send your inquiries about the e-learning system to I-HoP.
ihop"at"synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp (please replace "at" with @)

e-learning - Japanese Course Instruction (English)(3,329 KB)

e-learning - Japanese Course Instruction (Japanese)(3,908 KB)

e-learning - Japanese Course Instruction (Chinese)(3,906 KB)