Akaiito-Kai & Midorino-Kai


Course Title
 1. Inter-Graduate School Classes
"Career Development Study for Doctoral Course Students"

 2. Graduate School of Life Sciences Specialized Subject (Advanced)
"Career Development Study for Doctoral Course Students"

*Please refer to Syllabus for details

Akaiito-Kai is a meeting event where young scholars such as doctoral students and post doctoral researchers can exchange information with representatives from corporations. At this meeting, representatives or recruitment staff from corporate research institutes which employ many doctoral students and post doctoral researchers are invited to make a short speech and to share information about their work with young scholars. The young reseachers present posters to show their research. This provides them with face to face meetings and exchanges of personal information. In short, it is the real life vision of Hi-System.

Detailed Contents
Before the event, researchers prepare a poster to represent their skills and abilities. (Research Content with their specialties, knowledge, and thoughts toward the corporations, etc.) Meanwhile, the corporations' representatives prepare presentations showcasing their companies. At the event, representatives from corporations make their speeches in the ball room. The participants exchange information over presentation posters prepared by the reseachers. The meeting consists of three different stages.

The meeting strengthens the understanding of doctoral students and post doctoral researchers, in regards to corporation's activities and research. They realize the importance of basic science in society, and gain new perspectives. When both sides reach an agreement, they can take further steps such as visiting the corporation's research institute and the internship.

Who can attend?
Doctoral students and post doctoral researchers belonging to Hokkaido University are eligible participants. If you would like to participate, please register first. Please understand that if there is a high number of participants, S-cubic may select participants.