Program for Fostering Researchers for the Next Generation

1. Fostering program/ Support contents
The researchers selected will be provided with maximum of 5 million yen per year as start-up expenses for two fiscal years(FY2014~FY2018 ※ since 2019 : TBD) from the enrollment, and they will receive support for the creation of the dedicated research environment and the advancement of their research. In addition, they are obliged to study abroad for 6 months (in principle) during the fostering period whose necessary expenses will be provided. Those who benefit from the fostering program will receive further support from one appointed mentor for initiating and advancing their research smoothly at the faculty to which they are appointed. In addition, special educational training programs and joint symposiums will be provided to enrich their inter-disciplinal and multi-cultural communication skills for their career development.

2. Application/Selection/Appointment
i. Public Application
Application will be accepted internationally. To be qualified, a candidate for the fostering program must be less than 40 years old, within 10 years of earing a doctoral degree and a "research effort rate" of at least 60%. With regard to programs that are currently accepting applicants, please refer to the website of each university.

Consortium office for fostering of researchers in future generations, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University
Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University

ii. Selection
Researchers eligible for the fostering program will be determined through comprehensive interviews by consortium members conducted for candidates who have passed the first screening test of each university.

Program for the Cooperative Development of Innovative Human Resources

1. Content of the Program
The programs for the development of human resources (databases, seminars for providing information about companies, a system for properly matching researchers and companies, etc.) that the three university have each created for training young researchers (postdoctoral researchers, graduate students in the latter term of the doctoral program, etc.) will be integrated so as to build a framework that allows young researchers to freely participate in those programs within the consortium. This training program will provide eligible persons with opportunities to participate in those programs, in addition to supporting the implementation of internships at various companies.

2. Selection/ Appointment
The desired researchers are young researchers with doctoral degrees who aspire to career path development, especially outside of academia, and who have a strong awareness of the importance of collecting career information. Candidates will be recruited by open recruitment, recommendations, etc. Eligibility for the training program will be determined by the consortium. For more information, please visit the following links.

Superior Skill Station "S-cubic", Hokkaido University
Innovative Leaders' Platform, Tohoku University
Support for Career Path Development (Center for the Development of Human Resources with Business Skills), Nagoya University