Form for registering graduates' experiences that are to be shared

◆ Help us learn from your experience!
Accounts of graduates' experiences are being solicited, for posting on Hi-System.

◆ Categories
Experiences regarding the following categories are posted on the Hi-System website:
  • Job-hunting
  • Internships
  • Events
  • Seminars

◆ Eligibility
Doctoral course students and researchers eligible to register in Hi-System, and others who have or have not completed their master's or doctoral program
but who are willing to share their experiences regarding any of the categories above

◆ Registration Procedure
Please complete the form below and send it to the Superior Skill Station at the following address.
  • Address
   Superior Skill Station,
   Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development
   Hokkaido University
   Note: Please replace the "=" in the address above with "@".
   Note: Send inquiries regarding registration of experience, if any, to the same address.

◆ Form
◇ Form for registering your experiences of job hunting and internship (676 KB)

◇ Form for registering your experiences of events and seminars (677 KB)