Suspension of e-learning services

Suspension of e-learning services

Immediate notice to the e-learning users;

S-cubic and I-HoP regret to inform the Hi-System users that the provision of e-learning services (English and Japanese learning) will have to be suspended due to anticipated degradation of the system. Japanese e-learning program by I-HoP will resume to work in January, 2017 with a new log-in process which will be communicated in the coming weeks. We apology for the inconveniences which may be caused by this abrupt interruption of the service.

Effective date of the suspension: End of business hours, Monday, October 31, 2016
(Caution: Your current study record will be lost. Your data will not be transferred to the new service.)

Inquiry for Japanese e-learning: I-HoP
Tel: 011-706-2157
E-mail: ihop@synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp
About e-learning system

Japanese Course Study Guide

English Course Study Guide

FREE! e-learning (Online Japanese/English self-learning system)

Pioneering researchers work on a global scale.
English-language skills are necessary if you want to be a successful researcher on a worldwide level.
Japanese-language skills are necessary if you want to work in Japan.
Hi-System users can use the e-learning system to study English / Japanese for free!
Your English level can be diagnosed in the e-learning and you can study English according to your level.
Japanese course can be approached from four directions; listening, reading, vocabulary and characters. And you will also be able to improve your overall ability through the Mini-Tests.

■ Registration
You can access e-learning system with your Hi-System account.

*Click the logo to Register.→
*If you are a teaching staff at Hokkaido University and wish to use the e-learning system, there is no need to register in the Hi-System. Please contact us at s-cubic@synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp, with your name, SSO-ID, department/laboratory, position and e-mail address.

■ Registration Procedure
Registration Procedure
1 Please register in the Hi-System via the website of the Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development (FOHRED)
2 You’ll receive an approval mail informing you of the completion of your registration.
3 Subsequently, you’ll receive another e-mail explaining how to login to the e-learning system.
Note: Your account and password for the e-learning system will be included in this e-mail. Please bear in your mind that it could take 3 to 7 days.

■ Courses
There are four main courses.
□ Japanese Course
□ Advanced Standard Course (English)
□ Technical English Skills Improvement Course
□ TOEIC(R) 2000 Course

■ Japanese Course
Japanese course is intended to allow you to study Japanese from many different directions, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Characters. You will also be able to improve your overall ability through the use of Mini-Tests.

■ Advanced Standard Course
This course lets you learn reading and listening in eight steps. Your reading and listening skills are strengthened through TOEIC-type short practice tests.

□ Sub-courses
English diagnostic test
TOEIC (R) practice tests
□ Units (Sub-courses/ Number of Units)
English diagnostic test / 4 units
Listening / 100 units (50 in normal mode + 50 in advanced mode)
Reading / 100 units (50 in normal mode + 50 in advanced mode)
TOEIC (R) practice tests / 10 units
□ Time normally taken for each unit (Sub-course / Unit / Minutes)
English diagnostic test / Vocabulary / 15 min.
English diagnostic test / Listening / 20 min.
Listening / Normal mode/ 20-30 min.
Listening / Advanced mode / 10-20 min.
Reading / Normal mode/ 20-30 min.
Reading / Advanced mode / 10-20 min.
TOEIC (R) practice test / 30-40 min.

■ Technical English Skills Improvement Course
This course focuses on improving reading and writing skills of Technical English for science and technology.

■ TOEIC(R) 2000 Course
TOEIC(R) 2000 course is just like TOEIC test. This will make you prepare for the actual test.

Learner's Guide(Japanese)
(To view the Learner's Guide, please install Flash Player: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

■ Notes
- The sub-courses are available until the end of the predetermined learning period. After the end of each learning period, you need to re-register in the e-learning system in order to keep learning. Please contact us in that case.
- When you finish the day's learning, please be sure to log out of the e-learning system before closing the browser window.(If you don't, your learning record may not be stored or an error may occur.)
- The e-mail function of the e-learning system is not available at present. Please send any inquiries to S-cubic at s-cubic@synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp.
- We apologize in advance if we have to stop or discontinue the e-learning system in the future due to server/system problem.

■ Login
Please click the banner below to login
Login to the e-learning system

■ Inquiries about the e-learning system
Please send your inquiries about the e-learning system to S-cubic.
S-cubic, the Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development
E-mail address: s-cubic=synfoster.hokudai.ac.jp Phone: 011-706-2271
- Please replace "=" in the address above with "@".


JAPANESE COURSE Study Guide in English / Chinese / Japanese.
This guide will help you understand how to operate e-learning (ALC NetAcademy2) and how to study Japanese Course effectively.

e-Learning - Japanese Course Instruction (English)(3,329 KB)

e-Learning - Japanese Course Instruction (Chinese)(3,906 KB)

e-learning - Japanese Course Instruction (Japanese)(3,908 KB)


e-learning - スーパースタンダードコース学習ガイド(2,600 KB)

e-learning - TOEICテスト演習コース学習ガイドja(1,431 KB)

* Technical English Course Study Guide is not available online.
Please contact us, if you would like to get a copy.