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【S-cubic】The latest version of the Career Path Guide for DC and PD Students has been completed. ( 2013/04/18 )

The latest version of the Career Path Guide for DC and PD Students has been completed.
This latest version includes interesting articles featuring the Meeting of Akai-ito-kai, messages from business corporations, interviews with men and women Hokudai alumni who have become corporate researchers, an introduction to S-cubic activities and more. It is sure to help you with your career choices. If you would like copies to hand out, please visit the Administration Bureau to request them. Also, they are available at the pamphlet corner near the entrance of the Career Center and the School of Engineering.

Superior Skills Station

Kita 8, Nishi 5, Kita-ku, Sapporo,
060-0808, Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido University Administration Bureau, New Building, 4F

Phone: 011-706-3275
Fax: 011-706-3584

【Support Office for Female Researchers】The activities of FResHU were introduced in the newsletter published by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) San Fransisco. ( 2013/04/02 )

 Activities performed by the Support Office for Female Researchers, including the Leadership Workshop conducted last September as part of the F3 project Technical Support for Skill-building were introduced in vol. 29 of the newsletter published by JSPS San Fransisco.
 The workshop won great popularity, and as described in the newsletter, we will hold the upgraded Leadership Workshop again this year, from Sep. 9 to 11. Please join us on this occasion.

JSPS Newsletter Vol. 29 (Japanese Site)
JSPS Newsletter Volume XXVIIII (English Site)

【Tenure-Track System】Schedule for FY 2013 ( 2013/04/01 )

Notification: The schedule of the Tenure-Track System for FY 2013 has been updated.

【HoP-Station】Notification: Basic Business Etiquette (lecture and seminar) ( 2013/04/01 )

HoP-Station will hold the Basic Business Etiquette career management training seminar.

Lecture: DC, PD and MC students, and teaching staff
Seminar: DC and PD
  The lecture is compulsory.

For application or more information, please click the banner at left.
(Note: Apply for the lecture at a different counter from the seminar. )

★ Basic Business Etiquette
HoP-Station website
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